TV Microwave Links

Nextel can offer a modular, high performing, solution ranging from 2 GHz to 23 GHz. You can provide the radio link device with the following cards:

  • HD/SD encoders;
  • ASI transport stream mux/demux/remux;
  • SFN adapter & MIP inserter;
  • ASI/G.703 adapters & IP/ASI adapters;
  • QPSK/QAM/COFDM modem till 210 MB/s;
  • DVB-S/S2 Multi-stream satellite receivers.
  • Microwave links are available in outdoor and indoor configuration. Interfaces available: ASI, SDI, PAL/NTSC, G.703, E1/T1, GbE
  • We can provide ENG systems with autotracking/remotable option, using panoramic heads.
  • Our engineers can calculate link budget to size your radio link and to makes line-of-sight (LOS) analysis:
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